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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The quiet life on the Maine coast

     Today was a COOL day on the mid-coast of Maine. The high was 67 and there was a cool sea breeze all day. We had decided rather impulsively last night to go out to breakfast (thanks, Dick Roth) this morning. Bowen's Tavern is an unlikely looking place on one of the back roads that radiate inward from the coast. On your first impression drive-by it looks like a biker bar. It's not.

     Since there were eight of us, they set us up in a back room. No, it did not have anything to do with the fact that we were a rowdy bunch.

     I had steak and eggs; two had blueberry pancakes, and Ann had a crabmeat omelet! The portions were large...we'll split some warmed up pancakes for supper.
     When we got back, it was a lazy day. It was too cool to sit outside. Even happy hour was curtailed. I did take some nice pictures through the windshield, however.

     Mocha has made herself at home.

     We are all enjoying and appreciating every minute. We hope you are also.
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