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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Old Friends, New Friends, and Good Food

     A few days ago we had one of our aperiodic rendezvous' with Jurgen and Susan Gobien. Forty years ago he and I had each other's back in some serious techno-political battles involving the future of tactical voice communications. We had a nice meal and visit at the Nautilus restaurant at the mouth of  the Passagassawakeag River in Belfast. Don't try to pronounce that without adult supervision.

     Service was slow, but since the visit was more important than the meal, it didn't really matter.

     The new friend referenced in the title is shown below.

     It's a Guinea hen that apparently is finding plenty of nutrition wandering around the campground. She has a loud, raucous squawk and did not get the memo about quiet hours.

     And, speaking of old friends, on Thursday we went with Bernie and Ann Dunn to one of our favorite restaurants, the Whale's Tooth, down Route 1 in Lincolnville. 

It's a restaurant/pub that, in addition to the requisite seafood options, can pull a nice pint of Guinness and bake a great Shepherd's Pie. Ann and I both love their homemade tomato soup with roasted tomatoes and basil.

      On the table you'll see two Shepherd's Pies, Bernie's ribs, Durelle's martini and the clinging remains of the creamy head on my Black and Tan. Out of sight is my beef stroganoff.
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