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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The air has cleared

     As you can see, the air has cleared.  The first picture was taken this morning when I drove up to the community center to get our morning paper.  Yeah, I know...old school.  The building is the commissary and the rocky mountain behind it is Blodgett Peak.  As I recall, it is at about 9500 feet.  Forty years ago the family, Cloutier, climbed it with the help of Dan Buehler.  I asked Durelle if she wanted to try it again.  Fortunately, she said,"I don't think so".  The second picture was taken on the way back to the campground.  You can see the upper part of Falcon Stadium, the same Blodgett Peak, and to the left, Pike's Peak with the snow on it.
     The temperatures have been in the low nineties during the day, but down around fifty at night.  With everything open and the fans on, we have not used the A/C.  The Arizona fires continue unabated, but the wind has shifted to westerly, so the smoke has diminished significantly.
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