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Sunday, June 12, 2011


     The phone rang at 0605.  It was Phil Catalfamo to tell Durelle that they had an 0715 tee time on the silver course.  We had had a wonderful dinner at their place last night, and the game plan was for them to meet at the course at 0730 to use the waiting list.  Then...the phone call.  I dropped her off by 0700, and met them for lunch at the clubhouse by noon.  The first picture is taken from the deck of the clubhouse.  The second is a clubhouse plaque showing past champions.  Hopefully you can read the name on the plaque three down in the second column.  Durelle was the club champ 39 years ago.
     Weather is nice, occasional sprinkle, and a forty degree swing between the day's high and the overnight low.
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