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Thursday, June 9, 2011 week

     The first picture should have been used when we arrived a week ago showing our current location.  The second picture shows the new house that was built on our old site in Douglas Valley three years ago.  We moved in there 42 years ago.  The big building on the hill in the background is the hospital.  The rocky promontory behind it is called the Eagle's Nest.  It tops out at 9300 feet.  Some of you have heard the story of how the kids and I would load up our packs and walk out the back door and arrive at the peak several hours later.  We'd roll out our bedrolls, grill a steak or two and, at an appointed hour, flash a flashlight at the house, and Durelle would respond by flashing the porch light.
     We arrived here on 2 June, and the maximum stay is 30 days.  That has us leaving on Saturday of the Fourth of July weekend.  We wanted to stay in the area for a bit longer and Cheyenne Mountain State Park was booked.  We were unsuccessful with our attempt to extend here, so today we took a ride from here to an RV park in Falcon and then north to another in Castle Rock.  Castle Rock is on I-25 about halfway between here and Denver.  We made reservations there for 2-7 July in Castle Rock.  We are still tweaking the itinerary.  After Castle Rock we will do Estes Park and/or Francis E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, WY.  When it solidifies, I'll post it.
     We still have some of Arizona's smoke which has cost me some photo ops.
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