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Thursday, June 2, 2011


     As you can imagine, This place is not short of photo-ops, but they'll have to wait.  We pulled in here after 1500 having spent eight of the last nine days driving.  We got set up without all the accessories that accompany a thirty day stop.  We are going to crash for a few days until we start connecting with our C'Springs friends.  The winds today had to be gusting to forty.  When I refueled,   I had to lean into the wind.  The resulting dust blocked our view of the mountains until we got onto the Academy grounds.  The winds and the climb to 6600 feet conspired to knock the day's mileage down to 7.3.  Today was a thousand dollar day; four hundred for diesel ($3.949) and six hundred for thirty days at USAFA.   
     After some rig rocking winds and rain during the night, we got away from Garden City about 0930.  We headed west on US50 to Pueblo, CO (about 225 miles).  Again, it was mostly one lane each way.  The difference was that there were more towns that required decelerating to 30 or 35...memorable places like Deerfield, Lakin, Syracuse, and Coolidge in Kansas and Grenada, Lamar, Hasty, Las Animas, La Junta, Manzanola, and Pueblo in Colorado.  
     So, here we are, happy to settle in one spot for a while.  All systems are working fine.  Keep in touch.
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