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Monday, June 20, 2011

Cool Colorado

     This morning the temperature was 46 degrees!  It was in triple digits in Charleston today.  It's nicer here even if we had to use the quartz auxiliary heater to take the chill off this morning.  The pictures were not today's.  One shows the B-52 up the hill from the North Gate.  That snowy peak just aft of the quad fifty stinger in the tail is Pikes Peak.  There is a shot of a sailplane being towed aloft, and there is another view taken on Pikes Peak looking northeast.
     Yesterday we shared in Father's Day with the Catalfamos.  Phil and the twins, David and Brian, played golf at USAFA in the morning , and, of course, we watched the end of the US Open.  By the way, I have to report that this past weekend Phil (age 78) shot 83-84 at a tough, high altitude course...and he walked.  I'm impressed.  Durelle would initiate divorce proceedings if I mentioned her Saturday score (which she did not share with me).
     Tonight I'm going to make a shrimp jambalaya.  Wish me luck.
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