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Friday, June 3, 2011

Colorado, Day 2

     For the last nine days we have been running one or both air conditioners continually.  It makes the bus seem smaller and more enclosed.  Last night we shut them both down, opened all the windows and turned on the fans.  Guess what?  We had to get up at 0200, put on a blanket and turn off the fans.  This morning the outside temperature was 54 degrees.  Today was a wash day and commissary day.  For lunch we went down to find the Mission Bell, our favorite Mexican restaurant from forty years ago and which was still operating in 2008.  They had a hitching rail out back for the Sunday morning trail riders to tie up while they came in for breakfast.  Today the immediate vicinity is paved and the building is for sale.  The north end of Academy boulevard was one lane each way, and now it is four.  We found another Mexican restaurant for lunch (excellent).  Halfway through the meal up walked Jim Dill.  I was his faculty advisor at USAFA in the early 70's, and he later worked for me at Wright-Patt and Hanscom.  I attended his retirement ceremony when he retired as the first non-rated Base Commander at Edwards AFB.  What a surprise that was.  I had alerted him that we were in the area, but the meeting at "On The Border" was completely unplanned.
     I still plan on some good pictures, but today was still dusty and hazy.  Our weather center says that the humidity is 24%.
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