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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A quiet day on the Maine coast

     Today was the middle day of the annual Harborfest in downtown Belfast.  There were arts, music, boat-building (and racing) and lots of entertaining festivities.  We didn't go.  Instead, we relaxed, had a great breakfast and watched the changing harbor.  Part of that decision was driven by our faithful pup, Baxter.  Almost overnight he developed a "hotspot" on his throat.  The vet did a nice job of shaving the area, washing it with alcohol, giving him a shot of cortisone, an oral antibiotic and some prednisone.  He has been pretty quiet, but one of us stays with him so that he doesn't start scratching it.
     As a result, we had to decline when the Dunns and the Roths invited us to join them for supper at the "Whale's Tooth" in Lincolnville Beach.  Fortunately, Ann brought us back a serving of their tomato/basil soup and a fish chowder.
     Durelle and I took separate walks as the other stayed with Baxter.  The sun setting behind us gave Penobscot Bay a gentle hue.
     There are all sorts of tweaks that can be made to digital pictures.  This has none of them.
     The second picture is a view to the northeast at low tide.  There is at least a hundred yards of beach that is exposed at low tide.  It ain't sand, but it does expose some nice rockweed covered rocks that always yield a nice harvest of mussels.
     Durelle and I took turns with our evening walks.  In both cases we stopped to visit with fellow campers.  Sometimes the gentle life is all you need.
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