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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Maine as it should be

     Another wonderful day on the mid-coast of Maine...aren't they all?  Today we took Mark and Heather on a short, local tour of the area.  We started with breakfast.  They came here to the bus at around eight...hash browns, scrambled eggs with minced onion, green pepper, a bit of jalapeno, ham and cheese, and some English muffins.  After some more pleasant family visiting, we headed out.  The first area was Bayside, a quaint village for summer folks with little gingerbread cottages and stereotypical seaside scenes.  From there we headed south to visit Lookout Point.  This is a great vantage point to see and look beyond the islands in Penobscot Bay.
     Prevalent were rows of beach plums and their blossoms.  I remember my sister making tasty jelly from their fruit.
     After the sight-seeing, we went to the Nautilus restaurant for "lupper".  Lupper is a meal about six hours after brunch.  There were some tasty oysters followed by such entrees as: lobster mac and cheese, lobster salad, gumbo and fish 'n chips.  I think we'll go back.  We then came back to the bus and continued our reminiscing.  It was an infrequent, and thoroughly enjoyable family occasion.
     We sent Mark and Heather on their way and made a late appearance at Happy Hour.  The weather was spectacular.  We reacquainted ourselves with George and Duane Peck who arrived today.  
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