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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August first

     Last night Durelle and Cindy and I drove over to Southwest Harbor (55 miles) to have supper with Jurgen and Susan Gobien.  Back in the late 70's Jurgen and I fought some techno-political battles that resulted in major changes to the tactical UHF communications systems.  Although at less than full time now, he is still making significant contributions in related arenas.  We had wonderful suppers at the Red Sky Restaurant (  I am including the link because I screwed up and forgot my camera.  It is a very nice, high-end restaurant, and we enjoyed the meal and a 2 1/2 hour visit.  As good as it was, it was still a bit pricey.
     Today at 1300 the caravan arrived from Bangor with the Dunns, the Roths, Jeri Johnson and friend Cheryl.  First to arrive were the Dunns.
     Immediately behind them were the Roths.
     Although it had been raining throughout the night and early morning, by mid-day the sun was out and the breeze freshened off the water to make for a very pleasant afternoon.  It wasn't long before it was time to circle the wagons for our usual happy hour.  Cindy spent the afternoon and evening with former co-workers in Yarmouth, ME.  Depending on the weather, the happy hours are held in the shade of a rig, the lee of a rig or under a canopy.  Today, as you can see, we opted for the shade.
     That's Durelle in the Greg Norman special, and you can see the Marty Grover memorial drink holder.
     As you can see, there are no vacant sites to open up the view, but the welcome presence of Penobscot Bay is still obvious.  It is good to have the regular crew together again.  Tomorrow we will cook up a batch of lobsters.  Life is good.
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