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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday afternoon...let's do lobster

     Here we are on the last weekend in August.  Summer is definitely winding down.  With the Dunns and the Roths as motivators we geared up for another lobster feed.  We visited our old friend and local lobsterman, Walt, to pick up eleven lobsters.  He said that he had been out this morning to pull fifty traps.  The first five yielded 31 keepers.  He was astounded.  He has his unscientific theories, but he has never seen lobsters in such good shape and so plentiful.  He speculated that the lack of rain raised the salinity of the onshore waters which is good for the lobsters.  He is selling them for $3.50 per pound.  The eleven weighed 20 pounds and he threw in an extra small one for fun.  Combined with a bunch of steamers, corn and chips, we had a top of the line feast for ten bucks a head.  Below is a shot of the chief cooks, Dick Roth and Bernie Dunn as they scramble to serve the lobsters,
     The next shot is one of the table of hungry lobster eaters.
     The next and final picture is a shot of my plate.  I realize that these pictures are repetitious, but they reflect what we are actually doing.  
     We are aware that the world, and the country, has its share of significant difficulties.  We are equally aware that those issues have not yet intruded on our activities.  For this we are grateful. I'm told that one of the most popular acronyms in the world of young texters is only live once.  I think we are following that precept.  We take comfort in the fact that we have paid our dues.  We hope that in November our fellow citizens will make the right choice so that we can resurrect what was once the most vibrant economy in the world.
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