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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We All Visit Lincoln

     An integral part of the camping community here in Belfast, ME is the wonderful couple from Lincoln, Phil and Carole Andrews. Lincoln is north about 80 miles.  Today they invited eight of us up for a dinner of "bean-hole" beans.  The idea is to build a fire in a hole in the ground, lower in a pot of beans and let it cook for 24 hours. My father and I once did it to feed a bunch of Boy Scouts after we had lost a wager on a canoe race.  There is a facility in Lincoln that has eighteen bean holes that has fed as many as 1200 souls.  Phil used one of them.  We all arrived around noon and went over to the bean holes about one-o-clock.  The first shot is a picture of the array of bean holes.  By the way, I forgot my camera today, so all of the Lincoln and Orono pictures are courtesy of a long time faithful reader, Jeri Johnson.
      This first picture shows the row of hole with their lids.  Once a fire has been built in the hole and has settled down to coals, it is time to lower the bean pot.
     When we got there, Phil lifted the pot out and put it in the back of his truck to take it back to the house.
     When we got back to the house, Carole had the table set for ten with many other items on the menu, including some of her own baked beans.  It was a good thing because, while the bean hole beans were tasty, they were a bit too al dente.  
     A segment of their back yard is a wonderful oasis for birds.  Their array of feeders is surrounded by a thick border of woods which provides immediate cover for the birds.  
     Baxter enjoyed their backyard as well.
     On the way back south the other car stopped back in Orono at the sculpture exhibits that I photographed for the blog on 23 Aug.  As you can see, they are now nearly done.
     When we got back to the campground, we had our usual happy hour, again with no food.  We sat out in front of the Roth's rig and watched as an almost full moon climbed up out of Penobscot Bay.
     All in all it was another fine day on the coast of Maine.
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