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Friday, August 3, 2012


     Today was a wonderful day.  For the first time in a year, Frank, Durelle, Cindy, Mark and his bride Heather had a chance to sit together and visit for a few hours.  Mark and Heather arrived this afternoon.  It was a Friday, so the campground had its usual happy hour, but we did not attend.  We sat around with some drinks and cheese and crackers and talked.  I did a lousy job of getting the grill started, so the steaks weren't ready until 1900.  Potato salad and corn rounded out the meal.  The corn came from the farmer's market in Belfast this morning.
     After wandering around the market, we came back to the campground.  It was a pleasant day to sit outside and read...which I did.  The next shot was taken from the recliner as I put the book down to take a picture.
     We had a nice day and ate outside.
     Cindy is greatly amused by the fact that she has a glass of wine while her brother has a Dr. Pepper.  'T'was a good meal.  Later a full moon climbed up out of Penobscot Bay to climax the evening.
     Since we are now separated by many miles, it was very special for the family to reassemble in such a pleasant and relaxed setting.
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