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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Boring Lobster

     It was another pleasant day highlighted by some lobsters, corn on the cob, and blueberry pie a la mode.  Below is a shot of my plate.
     On the way down to Hannafords to get the corn and pie I spotted a sign on a marquis at a health club across the way.  I thought it was worth preserving.
     If you go back to my post of 17 Aug 2011, you will find the heartwarming story of a seaside wedding.  This past week Mike and Maureen were here again.  Several of us got together to present them with a bottle of champagne, a "Happy Anniversary" balloon and a card, and made their day.  There were good feelings for all of us.
     During our meal of lobsters, a three-masted sailing ship came cruising into the harbor by the century+ old channel marker.  I thought it made a nice picture.
     Although there are three masts, there are six sails set.  That is more than the usual seamanship.  By the way, the USS Constitution sailed under her own power today in Boston Harbor for the second time in a hundred years.  It commemorated the 200th anniversary of her victory over a British frigate for the first such victory over Britain in the war of 1812.
     Later in the day I took a picture of a group of families enjoying the day.  I don't know any of them, but the scene was so typical of a pleasant day on the Maine coast that I decided to include it.

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