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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Departure Day

     Well, tomorrow morning we leave the  Field and Stream RV Park.  When we stop here next year it will be eight consecutive years that we will have stayed at this little gem of a campground on Lake Potanipo.  Field and Stream  There are not a lot of campgrounds in this part of southern NH that can handle big rigs.  Dan MacLean runs a nice shop, and he can help with your computer problems.
     I did one last day of playing photographer and picked up a few things to take back, Beefeaters and Absolut for $24.99 are an example.
     The first picture I took was looking across Lake Potanipo.  As is usual, the color starts at the waterline.
     Later I checked out our old house on Marian Lane in Nashua.  We were the first owners in 1977.  It is now surrounded by shrubs/trees so a good picture was not available.  Because this was the place we lived when the kids were in high school, it contains many good memories.
     Later, on the way back I took some pictures at the Lull Farms in Hollis.  Do you want to make a jack-o-lantern?
     So, the summer is ending.  Tomorrow morning we'll hook up the Jeep behind the bus and head south.  On Tuesday we'll arrive in VA.  There we will reconnect with Tom and Dagmar Loose, Lee and Dodi Myers, and Allen and Joyce Wegner.  We'll be home on Friday.  It has been a great summer.  Keep in touch.
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