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Monday, June 17, 2013

After the thunderstorm

     Today we had an interval of an hour or so when a brief, but fairly intense, thunderstorm passed through in the middle of the afternoon.  In the aftermath of the storm the air was noticeably fresher and clearer.  I grabbed the camera for a likely rainbow luck on that score.  We did have a good walk around the campground and took a couple of pictures.  There is a picture of the cutest looking, small Airstream.  I think it is the smallest I've ever seen, but it still exudes the Airstream quality.

     The clouds, the light and the sea all looked fresher after the storm.  This is a shot taken toward the village of Bayside across the bay.

     I also took a picture of a lovely bush of beach plum roses.

     For supper Durelle decided to make an "impossible cheeseburger pie".  It's an old favorite recipe from my mother that is baked in a pie plate.  Since we don't have a working stove top, it seemed like a good idea.  At some point in the preparation we discovered that the hamburg and the onion needed to be browned in a frying pan first.  I fired up the Weber grill, and everything worked fine.  'Twas good.
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