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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Arrival in Maine 2013

     It is 2247 and I should be in bed, but I wanted to give you an update.  We got up at 0600 and arrived in Auburn, ME at 0945 at Whited RV to get some things fixed.  Most were minor, but the propane leak was not.  The leak was isolated, the stovetop removed, and a replacement ordered.  So, until the new one arrives from the west coast, we'll be cooking on the Weber grill, the crock pot or in the convection/microwave oven.  We also have on order a Fantastic Fan...actually just a ceiling fan...and a metering valve for the icemaker.  I understood that the tires were expected to fail at seven years, but I didn't think the whole bus was going to fall apart.
     It was a long day, and I will provide more details soon.  All's well in Maine.
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