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Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Outside Happy Hour of 2013

     I guess we are starting to get into the swing of things for 2013.  Below are a couple of pictures taken just north of our bus that show our first outside Moorings Happy Hour of 2013.

     The pictures are identical except for Tim Boucher.  In the first he is waving.  Apparently it is a annoying tradition for Tim to be waving in any picture taken of him.  The second picture shows Michelle (of Michelle and Tom...last names will come later) constraining Tim's arm so that he cannot wave.  Michelle and Tom are also accomplished performers on the barbecue circuit.  Tim and Wendy will be quick to acknowledge that they have competed more and won much more than the Bouchers have.  
     There was an interesting dynamic tonight as we we had another couple, John and Teresa, who were new to the barbecue circuit.  They smoked some chicken that was presented for critique.  The experienced barbecuers wanted to be helpful without being denigrating.  I thought they did a wonderful job.  The folks that wander around the country to compete in these barbecue contests are a wonderful, mutually supportive community.  There is no federal standard for smoked brisket, for example.  They must anticipate what the regional judges will prefer.  Sometimes they can only take solace with folks who have been equally victimized.
     At any rate we are alive and well and thriving on the midcoast of Maine.
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