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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Odds and Ends

     Today was a day of errands.  I had an appointment at the audiologist at three.  We left the Field and Stream RV park at 1245 and made a stop at Hallmark for a bunch of June cards.  From there I dropped Durelle off at the Nashua Country Club.  I drove up to the Campers Inn in Merrimack to get some wrap-around step covers and a couple of new bag chairs.  Do you remember that we drove a thousand miles with non-retracting steps?   Then I went to the audiologist appointment, and reclaimed my right hearing aid at no cost.  Then I went to Walmart to get a new can opener and a small supplemental electric heater.  I got the Chinese opener, but the heaters were a seasonal item and not available in the summer.  They don 't know Maine!  Then I met Durelle at the club and took this picture of Durelle and her best buds from a decade ago..

    As you might imagine, Durelle has a fond relationship with many friends from our 25 year relationship with Nashua Country Club.  Starting clockwise from Durelle the friends are:  Mary Heinle, Janet Leonard, Ruth Gaukstern, Nancy Dinsdale, Flo Phaneuf, Sis Mararos, and Elaine Ethier.

From there we went to the grocery and home.  Baxter was happy to see us.
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