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Monday, June 24, 2013

Errands to Lincolnville and Rockland

     Today was a day of miscellaneous errands.  There was a card to mail...happy birthday, Dave; a prescription to drop off and a trip to the dermatologist in Lincolnville to check on Durelle's right ear.  They did a biopsy just to be sure.  We then went to the Wal Mart in Rockland primarily to get Durelle some Diet Rite.
     After a quick lunch in Rockland, we headed back north.  Right on the border of Northport and Belfast is an old red mill by a waterfall.  I have been going to take a picture for a couple of years, but whenever we went by, there was no water coming over the falls.  Today there was.

     If I turned 180 degrees and looked seaward, there was a nice line of moored sailboats.

     It was a warm day with a temperature that approached 90.  With all windows open and all vent fans on 100% we avoided the need to turn on the AC.  We had a small but pleasant happy hour with Dick Brann followed by leftover spaghetti for supper.  Cindy's package of mail included three books for me to review for the Post and Courier, so I'll be busy for a while.
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