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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moving Time

     We have been here in Belfast nearly a week.  We have been staying at the top of the hill while our seasonal site gets some much needed manicuring.  It is an interesting comparison of sites up here at the top of the hill  compared to those down by the water.  We have 50 amps and we have a sewer hookup.  Durelle can do load after load of laundry.  Plus, she does not have to wait until the dishwasher has no available room before she runs it.  In addition, it is a quick trip to the dog walk area when we stagger out of bed in the morning.  Down the hill in site 25 we will have only 30 amps and we will be limited to bi-weekly visits by the "honey wagon".  That means "Navy showers" and other water rationing procedures.  Nonetheless, the proximity to the water and the views of the harbor traffic makes the lower sites much more attractive.  Today we had a dump truck with several yards of fill make a deposit at three different sites.  Number 25 was one of them.  Then a "bobcat" graded the sites.  Below are a couple of shots of the bobcat doing its thing under the supervision of young Alex Baker.

     For some of you old-timers you may be able to read the number 25 on the post.  That site was known for many years as "the Johnson estate".  We will be honored to keep the traditions alive.
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