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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer has arrived

     Since the last post, we have made a second trip down to Auburn.  A new stove top was installed and it works beautifully.  Of course, the dishwasher had to be removed again to get access to the stove.  In addition, a new vent fan was installed, and it works fine.  Unfortunately, the new water metering valve for the ice maker was the wrong part.  I asked them to mail me the new one when it came in, as that replacement is a job I can do myself.  We got back to the Moorings with plans to set up "permanently" for the summer.  Alas, we are not free and clear yet.  There are some jack and airbag issues.  These airbags are not the sort that explode in your face when you ram the fellow that cut you off.  They are a major part of the bus' suspension system.  The right front does not seem to raise the body off the frame as much as the left side does.  In addition the left front jack did not come down.  Fortunately, it was the high corner so it would come down last and only for stabilization.  There have been many instances in the past when I have had to manually help the left rear jack retract the last half inch, so it could use some attention also.  Ergo, there is still another trip to Auburn in the cards before we can get really settled.
     When we finished setting up, we enjoyed a Happy Hour with the Branns.  Dick is helpfully supplementing our supply of ice cubes.  Supper was a change.  Although we ate well without the stove top, we celebrated its return with a meal of bacon and eggs.
     Below are a pair of recent shots of the bay.

          The first is a shot across the entrance to the Belfast harbor toward the picturesque village of Bayside with its century old Victorian cottages.  The second is taken to the southeast toward Isleboro and Castine.  On the right horizon is Isleboro, a long, thin island paralleling the coast.  The land on the left horizon is the Blue Hill peninsula.  A higher resolution picture would show parts of the town of Castine, home of the Maine Maritime Academy.  The sea is calm, but the patterns in the surface of the water add to the beauty of the scene.  Those little patterns of smooth and roughened water are quite a source of information to experienced sailors, a group that does not include me in their membership.  They indicate what the light and variable surface winds are doing.  I can still hear Uncle Gene exclaiming with great enthusiasm, "Here comes a puff!"
     The population of the campground is increasing.  The projected high for tomorrow is 90 degrees!  The breezes off the bay should mitigate the heat, the the humidity will only be in the 70s.  We had a couple of intermittent, but fairly heavy, showers this morning.  Unfortunately, the "on times" coincided with my walking the dog and, later, with my Sunday trip to Hanneford's to get a couple of bagels and the Boston Sunday Globe.  
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