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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Bouchers are here

     Tim and Wendy Boucher have been mentioned in this blog before.  In addition to being RVing buddies and dog owners, they are skilled, creative and nationally competitive grillers and smokers on the barbecue circuit.  Last September I accompanied them to a competition, so they are not new to these pages.  What is new is their rig.  Instead of the trailer they had then, they now have a new fifth-wheel, "toy hauler" with, of course, a new truck to haul it.  A toy hauler is an RV with a full size tail gate/ramp that is usually employed to carry motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and the like.  In this case the cargo is an assortment of large (and heavy) grills and smokers and other accouterments of the trade.  They are warmly welcomed at campgrounds because they are always experimenting with new (or even old) recipes.  Fellow campers are a captive audience to assess the results of their latest efforts.  I can't say that I have ever tasted any failures.
     The picture below was taken and graciously shared by Wendy a couple of nights ago in the garage/dining room of the toy hauler.  It is a nice picture of us and Dick and Hilda Brann.

     Take note of the snacks that Dick is reaching for.  When the Bouchers make hors d'oeuvers, it ain't crackers and cheese.  These are stuffed, bacon-wrapped tenderloin bites!  She also duplicated a take-out sample of a brown bread pudding on their "big green egg", a large ceramic grilling/baking implement.  The dessert was highlighted with a maple syrup/bourbon sauce.  With all respect to her culinary artistry, Kleenex would work pretty well with enough maple syrup and bourbon.
     All kidding aside, we are very glad that they are here.
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