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Monday, August 1, 2011

Arrival at the Moorings in Belfast, ME

     I promised that the next post would be from Canada...I lied.  Neither campsite, Cache Bay, Ont. nor Hudson, Que had wifi. The Verizon aircard carried warnings about $2+ per MB if using Verizonglobal.  I logged on as briefly as possible and checked for important emails.  Of course all the unimportant ones were downloaded whether I read them or not.  Cache Bay was a nice spot.  It is on the western end of Lake Nippising which must extend for fifty miles from west to east.  After supper I took the camera out to the dock and watched the sunset evolve.  I am attaching a couple of uncompressed pictures that I hope you like.
     Today was a tough, long day.  We rolled out of the campground at 0745.  It wasn't a great campground; $48.99 for a site with a very marginal 30 amps, roadside traffic, crowded sites, no satellite access, no wifi and no cell phone.  About a half hour later we were in Montreal's morning rush hour.  After wasting almost an hour recovering from a missed turn (don't ask), we headed south to Derby Line, VT.  There we lost another hour and a hassle, just a long, slow line.  Then we traversed northern New England from west to east.  These are roads that only a logging trucker could love.  On those few occasions that 50 MPH was permitted, it was nearly impossible to achieve it.  All in all it took us eleven and a half hours to go 368 miles.  We pulled in just as happy hour was breaking up.  The usual crew helped me with the setup.  Durelle made chop suey while I crashed.  We are so glad to be in Maine and to be parked for a while.


Dan Taylor said...

I like the shot of the boat at the dock, great texture detail captured. Can almost hear the birds and mosquitoes in the background!

Anonymous said...

So was the wrong turn anything like the occasion I remember in the Winnebago, when you kept asking Mom "Which way?" and her answer was "That way" I remember you pulling onto the shoulder between the exit ramp and the interstate, to "argue" with her.... :) Mark