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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Night, Irene

     As I write this, it is approaching 6 PM (1800 for you GIs out there).  It is just past low tide and the tide is starting in.  The pictures below would have been more dramatic if I had waited, but I would have run out of light.  I can take pictures in pretty low light, but only if I can hold the camera very still. With these winds I could not hold a very steady camera.  Three of the five rigs whose occupants normally comprise our daily happy hour festivities have moved up the hill (away from the coast) a couple of hundred yards so as to reduce their exposure to the wind.  The local weather information on the internet says that the wind velocity is in the mid-twenties.  I predicted yesterday that we would see no more than 30 knots, but I must admit that there probably have been gusts that exceeded that.  We (I) decided that it would not be necessary to relocate.  Wish me luck.

     The pictures show unusual wave activity for this well-protected harbor.  If you look closely, you can see a couple of larger ships that have deployed windward anchors here in the lee of Islesboro Island in order to wait out the storm.  I believe the worst is past.  Certainly the rain is, but I expect we'll have a few more hours before the winds drop below the point that we can ignore them.  Tomorrow everything should be back to normal.  
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