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Monday, August 22, 2011

Morse's Sauerkraut

     Today was a day trip to Waldoboro, ME and Morse's Sauerkraut.
     This place has been around for almost a century and was initially known just for the sauerkraut.  Today it is a remarkable deli and a restaurant with only four tables.  It is seven miles west of route 1 on route 220.  The junction of route 1 and 220 is where the much more iconic Moody's diner is located.  Morse's is 45 miles from Belfast.  Durelle had already decided that she was going to do a bunch of housework today, so she elected to stay home.  So we had a fivesome: Dick and Eleanor Roth, Bernie and Ann Dunn and I.
     We arrived at Morse's at about two.  We waited about fifteen minutes for a table.  
     You can see a plate of schnitzel in front of Ann and Dick (sorry, Dick, you didn't make the picture).  Bernie has a roast beef sandwich and Eleanor has a sausage plate.  Mine has not arrived yet.
     I had pierogies.  These are dumplings with a sausage/cheese filling.  The two small dishes contained red cabbage and sour cream.  The table also had numerous pickles and all sorts of mustards.  After we ate, we spent some time in the wonderful deli.  I got a pound of roast beef and some aged cheddar.  Bernie, of course, had to buy some Irish (English) bangers.  The last picture was taken in the deli.
     There are probably fewer than fifteen thousand people who live within ten miles of this deli.  Nonetheless, they do a great business based totally on word of mouth advertising.  
     Today was a perfect weather day.  Perhaps we wasted a great day on a Morse's trip (which doesn't require good weather).  Nevertheless, it was a fine day and a stop at Dorman;s for ice cream on the way home is always a plus.
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