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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bagaduce Diner

     We have been here before and the pictures below are nothing spectacular.  Today Bernie and Ann Dunn joined us as we made our annual visit to the Bagaduce Diner.  Don't let the name throw you.  It is situated on the Bagaduce River which has some classic reversing falls depending on whether or not the tide is coming in or going out.  In the pictures the tide is coming in from left to right.  There is a picture of the diner on my 3 September 2010 post.  After Bernie and I had ordered lunch, I walked down to where Ann and Durelle had picked out a table by the river.    It is obviously not a posed picture as they didn't know I was taking it.  It does show two ladies enjoying a quiet moment at a comfortable scene on the river.  the second is a shot of the incoming tide overwhelming the river's current.

     We took the opportunity to spend a very pleasant afternoon driving along the Maine coastline.  Because of the size and the time of our lunch and the snacks at happy hour, there was no supper.  A new neighbor moved in with an old motor home.  The mural on the back was a great rendition of a Mercator projection of the contiguous 48 states.  I thought it was neat so I took a picture.

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