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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Evening on Penobscot Bay

     The last two or three days have been drizzly and mostly devoid of sun.  Tonight's sunset seems to forecast a better future.  Sitting here and doing nothing is not all bad, however.  We still have to use the bedspread at night which most of the country cannot.  Tonight I took a few pictures.  I'll include all four.  There is a three master that appears in all four pictures, although you will have to look closely in the first one.
     The picture is taken at dead low tide.  My assumption is that the folks in the water are searching for clams with their feet.  There may be a better answer, but that's my guess.
     Here's the sailboat with the camera zoomed in a bit.  We were in darkness, but the sun was still hitting the far shore around Castine.  Notice the lobster pot buoys in the foreground.
          So, here's the ship which must be five miles away.  The sky is starting to clear, and the weather may be on the way to a major improvement.
     Later I took a shot with some unusual color.  This isn't "red tide".  It is a reflection of the sky which has just turned reddish.  Again the three-master is still visible.
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