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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Point Lookout (in the fog)

     Here we sit, watching Irene slowly make her way up the coast.  We have watched the projected track wander around as the meteorologists update their models.  By the way, atmospheric modeling is one of the two or three greatest challenges for large scale computers.  It now appears that the track of the eye will kiss Maine's western border.  That may be small solace given the size of the storm.  The group of RVers here had considered some evacuation options, but they no longer seem necessary.  We will continue to monitor the situation.  We've got time to react.  The good news is that by the time the storm gets to Maine, it will no longer be a hurricane.  I expect we'll pull in all canopies (and maybe even a slide-out) and ride it out.  As a matter of fact, I'm sure that on Monday we'll all make a trip to Schoodic Point with a picnic lunch and cameras to see if we can capture pictures of the surf.  We empathize with those millions of urban folks who have rarely had to deal with such weather.
     Tonight one of our favorite places started their season of Thursdays on the deck with "small plates" and drinks and magnificent, high elevation, magnificent views.  Check the blog on 1Sept2010 for a previous visit when we were keeping a cautious eye on hurricane 'Earl".  On previous occasions there was a fairly well assorted menu.  I remember squab and a small rib eye.  This year there was only an assortment of individual pizzas with very creative, non-traditional toppings.  The weather precluded any views, but ten of us had a good evening.
     This weekend, at that same facility, there is an MG show.  Many of the exhibitors are already present.  We saw a lot of classic MGs that were over sixty years old.  The picture below shows Jeri Johnson and her guest Sheryl in front of a '53.

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