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Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Lobsters of the Season

     Well, we have been here a week.  It took a few days to adjust to a stationary mode.  Therefore, there has not been much to report.  I did hang the hummingbird feeder outside Durelle's window.  We have seen a ruby-throated hummingbird a couple of times, but, of course, not when I had the camera.  The next picture almost captures the charm of those little beasties.  You can see the Roth's rig through the feeder.
     Today was Saturday, and it seemed to fit to do a bunch of lobsters.  We did nineteen.  Our usual source of clams has gone out of business, and the convenient alternatives were expensive, so we did without.  We did have local corn (thanks, Ann).  We had three pots set up behind our bus.  You can see our sign hanging off the ladder in some of the pictures.  Dick Roth was the prime mover on this affair, but everybody chipped in and helped.  The camaraderie is the major attraction of the RV lifestyle. 
     At this time of year almost all of the lobsters are "soft-shell".  It certainly is more convenient to break the shells with your fingers than with a hammer, but the purists think the hard-shells are more tasty.  A pound and a half lobster is five or six years old, so it has "molted" several times.  these were very enjoyable and the community made it outstanding.
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