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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Settled in at Belfast, Maine

     Just a quick note from Maine.  We arrived Monday, as you know, after a rather difficult three day, thousand mile trip from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We 'crashed' yesterday.  Today we have recovered.  We went grocery shopping and both of us got our hair attended to.  My last haircut was at USAFA in mid-June!  We were sitting around at 1730 or so during our happy hour when a very brief shower passed through.  I took a number of rainbow shots, one of which is included above.  I also took a great shop of a nice motor home in one of the waterfront sites with the rainbow extending right into the water in front of them.  I printed a copy and took it to them and asked for their email address so that I could send them an unedited version for whatever they wanted to do with it.  They were appreciative and I expect to hear back.
     This campground, as I have said before, does not have great credentials.  It is only 30 Amp service and no sewer (biweekly honey wagon).  What it does have is an absolutely wonderful location on Penobscot Bay and a half dozen couples of great friends.
     Life is good.
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