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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Visit to Athol, Massachusetts

     Today we left the coast and headed inland to our home town of Athol.  It was an easy 105 miles.  It was a bit intricate weaving our way out of Humarock, but once we found our way up to route 2, it was old home week.  Athol is celebrating the 250th anniversary of its official incorporation.  It had existed as a settlement for many years before that.  
     The first event was a reunion party for Marty Grover's class (59) at the Godin's home; a wonderful estate that hosted a good time.  You can see Durelle in the lower left.
     There was a lovely shot of a country lane, lined with stone walls that departs their property.
     We are parked on the grounds of the old Silver Lake School which is no longer functioning.  Down on Main street are a number of commemorative banners that were used to raise money to support the festivities..  Both my folks and Durelle's were recognized.  A tree blocked the eastward shot of my folk's banner, so I had to take it looking west on Main Street.
     Durelle's folk's banner, on the other hand, was perfectly situated with the flag and the city hall tower in the background.
 After the party at Godin's, we had another at the American Legion Hall for all classes prior to1966.  Below is a nice shot of Marty (Durelle's brother) and Ann Grover. 
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