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Monday, July 2, 2012

Another nice day on Lake Erie

     Not too long ago I started off one of these blogs with a sort of an apology that I didn't have any pictures to go with my narrative.  Tonight the reverse is true.  The sunset was wonderful over the lake and, in the opposite direction, the moon was full.  Last night we went out for supper with some new friends, Larry and Jane Rozborski.  The place was called "Guppy's".  It was local word of mouth that found it for us.
     In a major faux pas I failed to get a picture of my appetizer.  Picture a giant martini glass about 15 inches high with a diameter of the rim of at least a foot.  It was filled with thirty or so sauteed mussels in a white wine and butter sauce...Outstanding!  After the supper, we came back to the campground and sat outside and visited until after 2300.
     Today was one of those "read a book" days that makes this lifestyle so pleasant.  Supper was leftovers and we went down to the shore for the perennially enjoyable sunsets.  We barely got there in time.  Happy hour ran a little late.
     When you turn your back to the sunset, there is the full moon.
     That light over the bus is the moon.  As you can see, this blog is much more about pictures than it is activities.  After all, pictures are easier.
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