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Monday, July 23, 2012

Maine !!!!

     After a long hot summer, we are safely ensconced in Maine...specifically the Moorings RV Resort in Belfast, ME.  Some long time fellow campers in Belfast welcomed us and helped us set up.  Then, of course, we settled in for our first Happy Hour.
     If you look closely to the left of the empty chair, you can see the momento that brother-in-law Mart presented to me at our reunion party.  Here's a closeup.
     Mart turned a bathroom plunger and a sewer line grommet into a drink holder.  It was decorated with the score of my last football game against arch-rival Orange,  The sewer grommet contained my name and number.  The last shot shows the front of the bus with a backdrop of Penobscot Bay.  
   We are here in Maine for the next six weeks, and are very happy to be here.
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