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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Humarock, MA

     Actually, Humarock is a village within the town of Scituate located perhaps halfway between Boston and the base of Cape Cod. Much of village is located on a very narrow peninsula that juts into the Atlantic and turns north.  On the west side of the peninsula are the mouths of the North and South rivers.  On the east, of course, is an unimpeded view of the Atlantic.  On the very northern tip is Fourth Cliff.  In the 1880's it was home to a life saving station; perhaps selected for the extensive area of ocean that could be seen from its elevated vantage point.  
     In last night's post I mentioned the possibility of a sunrise picture.  We had left the windshield uncovered, so about 0515 the red sun came pouring in.  I snapped a shot through the yet unwashed windshield.
     After WWI the place became a Navy Radio Compass Station, and during WWII the government built a coast defense artillery site with a large concrete "bunker" and observation tower.  We are parked immediately to the north of the bunker.  You can see the overgrown mass behind the Jeep.
     The concrete pad we are parked on was poured to support long range guns.  I'm sure that it is more than adequate for a forty foot RV.
     After the war the armament was removed, and the site became an antenna range.  It was used by the MIT/Lincoln Lab for radar development work associated with the famous (in the profession) Rad Lab Series of 32 volumes of text/reference books.  It also hosted a pair of giant, low frequency, radio towers to test communications with submarines.  In 1966 the towers were removed and the site evolved into a recreational facility administered by Hanscom AFB.  Cindy commented to the previous post with a forty year old recollection of harvesting and steaming a bushel of clams when we stayed here in a cabin.  We also stayed here in January of 1998 on the maiden voyage of our new "Bounder".
     On the way back from a trip this morning to replenish the Jeep's gas tank, which was last filled in Colorado, I took a couple of shots to depict Humarock.  The first shows a typical seaside cottage with water on both sides.  This picture shows the "back" side.  The Atlantic is on the other side.  The other shot is a raft of cormorants.
     This is a piece of federal property that I am sure is much coveted by developers.  Meanwhile, it provides a full service (albeit with 30 amps) RV site for fortunate military retirees for $25 per day..
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