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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life is Good

     This morning I wandered (drove) over to by a nearby general store to get a Boston Globe and a couple of bagels.  Toasted with butter, they constituted breakfast.  We wandered around the campground a bit and took a few pictures.  Next to the office there are some big, bushy shrubs the color of hydrangeas...but they are not hydrangeas.  The first shot is from a distance and the next is a close-up.
     If anyone can identify it, I would appreciate it.  It's a handsome bush.
     To the north of us are Scituate and Cohasset, both classic South Shore and fairly wealthy towns.
     That's Scituate and the next is Cohasset.
     The next picture shows that life is relaxed.  We sat outside this evening for a couple of hours.  The Atlantic  horizon extends for 180 degrees.  Tomorrow I will set up the telescope to see if we can see Provincetown from here.

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