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Friday, July 27, 2012

Doin' nuthin'

     There are times when the best option seems to be reading, whittling, or just looking at the ocean.  There are a lot of things to do, but they can wait a few days.  Cindy will arrive for a week on Sunday, and Mark and Heather will join us for next Friday night.  Meanwhile, the adrenalin levels have subsided greatly from the first part of the summer that saw us covering 5,000 miles.  I must admit that Durelle has been doing her share of housekeeping...washing, vacuuming, and ironing today.  Last night we joined Dick and Hilda Brann at Papa J's for supper.  Durelle and Dick split a lobster pizza while I had baked salmon preceded by a combo of little neck clams and linguica.  
     Being Friday, the campground had its weekly Happy Hour. Campers bring a pot luck hors d'ouerves while the campground provides the beer and wine.  After the event I broke out the camera to take a couple of shots of the harbor.  The first shows a century-old monument and a channel marker along with assorted lobster buoys.  This is a high tide picture.
     In the upper left of the picture above you can see a small marina.  Below is a close-up of Bayside.
     The marina is 3.5 miles away and is really only visible from here when the setting sun illuminates it.
     I'm sure we will soon be getting more active and generating more photo ops.  In the meantime doin' nuthin' seems like a good option.
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