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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekend at Fourth Cliff

     It's weekend, and the YOUNG families are out in force.  Tents are springing up everywhere.  I think the tent sites go for $10 per night.  I think that it is wonderful to see the kids enjoying themselves.  It has been hazy, and the sunset did not have any clouds to make the photographer happy.  There have been several sport fishermen out here, but there are no lobster buoys. 
     At the lower right you can see a Kayak.  Here he is up close.
     As you might imagine, we have a decorative pillow with the head of a golden retriever.  It was sitting on the back of the couch when the setting sun peeked in to illuminate it.  It was a momentary event, but I caught it.
     I sat outside as the sun went down to see what I could capture.  There was one shot of a gull on a streetlight that wasn't bad.
     Eventually the sun went down, but there were no western clouds to give me anything dramatic.
     We hope you are enjoying life as much as we are.
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