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Monday, July 16, 2012

A quick visit to Plymouth, MA

     Today we took a 45 minute drive down to Plymouth, MA to have lunch with Durelle's college roommate and her husband, Marcia and Peter Dudley.  The agreed meeting place was Isaac's, a waterfront restaurant no more than a hundred yards from the Mayflower II.  It is a neat spot with wonderful views of the harbor.
     After a nice lunch, we said, "good-bye" and wandered down by the Mayflower II and Plymouth Rock.  We didn't stop and walk around, so the pictures were quick shots out of the Jeep window.
  Our trip back north to Humarock wandered through several attractive South Shore towns such as Duxbury and Marshfield.  Pilgrim era street names abound: Alden, Standish, Mather, Samoset, etc.  Interspersed within luxury, old neighborhoods are a working sawmill, a creamery and several stables.  There are a lot of attractive and productive gardens. 
     Let me also include a couple of pictures I took last evening.  To the west of us the North River empties into the Atlantic.  By looking at the red and green channel markers, even a landlubber can see that the channel wanders elusively and dangerously.  There is a large sandy area that is exposed at low tide and disappears when the tide comes in.  Yesterday (a Sunday afternoon) the low tide attracted a crowd of beach-goers.
             The weather has been hot, but it promises to drop fifteen degrees for our weekend in Athol.
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