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Monday, July 9, 2012

Relaxing on the Mass. Coast

     It is nice to sleep in again.  Fortunately, Baxter doesn't mind.  We had a quiet day of listening to the surf and watching all the water traffic here.  We did do a bit of shopping.  We dropped $183 on groceries at a great market (thanks, Ann), and I found a place to replace some old, rotten sandals.
     I woke up at 0500 (that's the way it goes), so I broke out the camera to show you what the eastern horizon looks like at that hour.  Fortunately, one of the rare pleasures at this age is going back to sleep.
     In the evening, which included a shared sirloin strip, medium-rare, and a salad, I took another picture to show the extreme proximity of our set-up to the edge of the ocean.
     This is a wonderful spot which is located in what is known in the local vernacular as "the South Shore".  I hope we can do it justice a get some good pictures for you.
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