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Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July

     Will the rain wait long enough or will it drown out our fourth of July celebration?  The serving time had already been adjusted from 3:00 PM to 1:00 PM.  Everyone was watching the Weather Channel, their favorite radar picture or weather app on their smart phone.  Canopies had been rigged with a row of borrowed picnic tables beneath them.  The food, of course as Howard Cosell was wont to say, "was proceeding apace".  If the cooking time is nine hours, you don't stand around looking at the start the fire.
     Well, the rain gave us a break.  It didn't really start in earnest until after six.

     The line has formed.  The fellow with the wide part at the far left, checking out the progress of the serving line is Tim Boucher, one of the grillers responsible for the affair.

     This picture shows one of the six tables that were arranged under the canopies.  There were a FEW drops of liquid sunshine, but generally the rain held off.  Three barbecuing teams combined forces to provide at least a hundred pounds of brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and chicken.   These foods were not the product of your favorite backyard griller.  Two of the teams have competed and succeeded at the national level.  We we not dealing with the "B" Team here.

     What the grillers decided to do was to feed any and all of the campground that cared to attend.  Attendees each brought a side dish.  Even the side dishes were outstanding.  I know because I tried many of them.

     As you can imagine, there was a lot of food left over.  At this point I would like to thank the three grilling couples, in order of national championships won, who fed the entire campground for free: Tom and Michelle Peralta, Tim and Wendy Boucher,  and John and Teresa Carlberg.  Below is a shot of Wendy who was certainly one of the prime movers for the shindig.


     This is John and Teresa Carlberg who have added to the festivities.  I don't have pictures, today, of Tom and Michelle Peralta who are the masters of the "Lo and Slo" barbecue team.  Last night Theresa made some Jello shots.  It was a new experience for some.  There were only two left for today.  Hilda Brann got a chance to try one.

     I think she surprised a few folks including herself.
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