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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Old Traditions...New Friends

     Today was another of our wonderful lobster feeds.  They are pretty simple, really: a 1 1/2 to 2 pound lobster per person, corn on the cob, melted butter for both, some chips, and blueberry pie and ice cream for dessert.  Try to find that supper for $14.00 per person!  Of course the supper was preceded and followed by a circle of lawn chairs where the problems of the world were solved.  We were joined tonight by a couple of ladies who jumped right into the routine.  Myrt was a bit aghast at the completeness with which Dick Roth devours a lobster. They are in an Allegro Bus in our old site from last year.  Welcome, Deb and Myrt.  That's their rig in the background.

     The lobster boils and the attendant happy hours are the height of informality and simplicity.  The picture shows the perfection of the weather and the blueness of Penobscot Bay.
     Yesterday was a different sort of celebration.  There is a pair of good friends who have a cottage on a small lake about two hours inland from here. Sally and we shared some high school bleacher seats back in 1980 as we watched our sons compete on the Nashua High School wrestling team.  Both boys went to military academies...our son, Mark, at USAFA and Jeff at USMA.  We, Don and Sally Sillars and us, had a nice lunch at an outside table at the Dockside overlooking the Belfast harbor.  Below is shot of the four of us with the bay in the background.

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