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Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Friday Night Campground Happy Hour

     I am going to start off with a picture I took through the windshield of the bus.  I haven't cleaned the windshield, but the camera focuses at a distance, so the close in stuff doesn't show up on the picture.

     Forgive me for not knowing the class of vessel, but note the tops'l, two jibs and two masts.  There's a couple of dozen of paying customers on board.  When you have a view like this through your front window, you've got a good spot.
     As regular readers know, the campground hosts a weekly Happy Hour where the campground provides beer and wine and the campers provide potluck hors d' oeuvres.  There's a new group each week and it's a good time to meet new folks.  We got surprised today when Phil and Carole Andrews showed up on a whim to celebrate their 55th anniversary with us all!

     Phil and Carole are 2nd and 3rd from the right.  That's Penobscot Bay in the background.  This blog is supposed to appeal to more than a family group, but tonight I may just identify some of the regulars that enjoy the lifestyle with us.  Also in the picture above from left to right Liz Flood, Eleanor Roth, George Peck, the aforementioned Andrews and Hilda Brann.

     Here's Hilda's other half, Dick, in the orange shirt offering Durelle a handful of wine.  While we were there, the "pirate ship" did a "come about" and headed in the opposite direction.

     When we got back to the motorhome, Durelle asked me to take a picture of Baxter.

     Here he is.  He's an old man, but he's continent, congenial and can still get up and down the stairs to the motorhome.  What more could you ask?
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