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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rainy Day in Belfast

     The past couple of days have been relentless, stay inside and do puzzles rain.  There have been enough breaks in the weather to walk the dog, but everything is well soaked.  When old friends who spend part of every summer in Southwest Harbor offered to drive over to Belfast (an hour and a half) for a little shopping and lunch, we jumped at the idea.  We've known Jurgen and Susan Gobien for about forty years when Jurgen and I were thrown together in a contentious Air Force program.  I was the Program Manager at Hanscom AFB while he was my chief technical expert from the Rome Air Development Center in Rome, NY.  Figuratively speaking we formed up back to back and fought our way out of several programmatic bar fights.  The bullets were virtual, but the resulting camaraderie was real.  
     We visited a pottery shop and another Maine gift shop until the men's endurance failed and we went to lunch at Darby's, a well known restaurant on the main drag of Belfast.  I didn't bring my camera, so I am indebted to Susan for the two pictures below.  Jurgen's request was for a place where we could visit comfortably for an hour or so.  It worked.

     The assorted vittles seen in the second picture include a couple of bowls of clam chowder, a crab sandwich and a crab cake, fried clams and my bowl of Pad Thai.  'Twas a good meal, and it was a little late so we weren't very hungry for supper.  I made a BLT sandwich on sourdough bread which we split at about 8:30.  Not bad for a rainy day!
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