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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why We Do This

     Over the past 550 or so posts there have been some very nice shots of Mother Nature in action: geysers in Yellowstone, the Badlands in the Dakotas, Crater Lake, the Oregon coast, redwoods in California, bald eagles in SC and hummingbirds in Maine.  There have been some impressive works of man: Mount Rushmore, the Ravenel bridge in Charleston, the Mackinac Strait bridge, the Soo Locks, and F-22s over Tyndall AFB.  There have been a thousand (?) pictures of assorted foods.  Usually there was a good story to accompany each of them.  None of them are the reason we do this.

     This is the reason we do this: small groups of friends...old, new, close, casual, that share the wonderful camaraderie of the world of motorhoming.  Here in Maine it manifests itself in the daily associations that come together every day at five that we call "Happy Hour".  Occasionally we get rained out or the group or individual day trips may take precedence, but our attendance record is pretty good.  One of the great mysteries is how we generate two hours of conversation every day.
     Also common to the fraternity is the ease and frequency where we help each other out.  It may vary from an email problem to a leaky roof, but someone is ready to help.
     Of course, it doesn't hurt if you can look up from your martini and see a scene like this.

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