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Friday, July 11, 2014

Pictures...not Prose

     We have been here for three weeks, and it will be four weeks before we leave.  So, as you might expect, there are not a lot of exciting events to report.  There are, however, some very nice photo ops.  Tonight we looked up from happy hour to see a large sailboat moving ever so gently into the Belfast harbor.

     As it got closer, it dropped its sails and turned on the auxiliary.

     In the meanwhile, the evening sun was painting all sorts of bands of color over the nearly still water.

     Even the nearly full moon cooperated.

     The bands of color continue to change.

     I'm not sure why the bands of color form as they do, but this seems to happen often.  At the moment I'm looking almost due east toward Castine.  As the sun goes down, the colors change dramatically.

     As it gets darker, the colors are even better.

     'Tis a good life we are enjoying.  We hope you are enjoying yours.
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