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Saturday, July 5, 2014


     Way back in the 70s when I was still in the Air Force, my job involved chairing a committee that was meeting at several institutions around the country.  It was nice to be doing that travel, and eating and drinking, on a per diem basis.  But, every so often, we'd have to stop eating out and have what one of the team called a "health night".  Well, we are going to have to do the same.  Most of us are skipping supper and still putting on the pounds.  In a moment I'll show you why, but, first, take a look at the picture of a hummingbird Durelle took through the window.

     We have a larger group than usual attending Happy Hour.  Among the group are the new owners, a wonderful couple who are very excited about their new undertaking.  Here's a shot of tonight's event which happened in front of Rick and Judy Feyler's rig.

     Thanks to Tim, there was a crockpot full of meatballs and a marinara-like sauce.  The meatballs were smoked.  The veggies were roasted, and the whole combination was then simmered together in the Cloutier crockpot.  There was pico de gallo with chips and some scooped out cukes filled with a seafood stuffing.  But the biggest part of the groaning board was a colorful and tasty assortment of fruity jello shots.

     There was also a large supply of decadent cupcakes.  I didn't eat any, but I never did have much of a sweet tooth.
     I was so pleased with the candid shot of Wendy Boucher yesterday that I tried it again tonight with Teresa Carlberg who was primarily responsible for all the jello concoctions.

     Would you believe that this young lady has kids 19 and 24?  I also snuck in a picture of Bonnie, the distaff side of the new owners.

     You'll have to admit that, in addition to good food, we have had some good company.  I hope these ladies do not object to my sharing these candids as I did not get permission to take them or publish them.
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