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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Never an Idle Moment

     Today the Roths and the Cloutiers made a run south to New Harbor and Pemaquid Point.  For the Cloutiers the trip is always nostalgic.  We started visiting the "Landry Cottage" in 1978. That's 36 years ago.  There was no one at the cottage today, but the sides sported a new set of cedar shakes, and you can see the cottage from route 32!  Good show, Harry and Diane.
     Before we started the days trip, I took some pictures out Durelle's window where she sits, works on her cross stitch. and looks out the window at the view and the hummingbird feeder..

Here's another one.

     Now I am going to show you a close up of one of the beach plum blossoms with a honey bee rolling around in the pollen.  Are you ready?

     After Ooohing and Ahhhing at all the photo ops along route 32 from Chamberlain to New Harbor, we stopped for lunch at Shaws.  We ate outside on the deck even though the breeze was blowing away pieces of our lunch.  The ladies both opted for lobster rolls, while the men had grilled haddock.  There were some sides of rice, clam chowder and onion rings.  The harbor at New Harbor is almost totally a working harbor with pleasure craft being a scarce exception.

     Note the barrel of dead fish (bait) on the stern deck of the lobster boat.  From New Harbor we wandered south to the very tip of the peninsula where the Pemaquid lighthouse holds forth.

     We left Pemaquid Point and headed back to Belfast with a stop along the way in Rockland.  Rockland, it seems, is home to Dorman's Ice Cream.  It's sort of a legend on the midcoast of Maine.  It is certainly a legend with my back seat companion, Eleanor Roth.  Durelle and I had simple waffle cones, no jimmies, no nuthin.  The problem was the warm day with a stiff breeze.  It melted Durelle's mint, chocolate chip faster than she could eat it.  When she tried to hurry, she had a "brain freeze".  Below you can see it melting in her hand.

     We got back in time for a very quiet, almost food free, happy hour.  As an old friend, CMSgt. Buck Braun used to say as we floated down the Yukon River in his Jon Boat, "I wonder what the poor people are doing".

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