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Monday, September 20, 2010

Away From the Coast

Today we went inland.  No sailboats or crashing surf in these pictures.  Our group was alerted to these destinations by Walt Wagner, our lobster supplier.  The Roths and the Dunns and Jeri Johnson visited last week.  Today Phil and Jeri and I went.  Carole and Durelle stayed here.  The first stop was an Amish store.  That's Jeri out front admiring the pumpkins.  The pumpkins were as big as 150 pounds.  The 50 to 60 pound pumpkins were going for $10, and there were 40 pound pumpkins for $5.  The next stop was the Bryant Stove Works.  That's Phil in a four door, convertible Model A Ford...a most unusual variant.  In addition to the many dozens of restored stoves of all vintages, some over 150 years old, there was a museum of unusual cars, toys of all kinds, calliopes, Hurdy Gurdys, player pianos and numerous century old household tools and appliances.  Stoves are their business, but the museum is their passion.  For lunch we went to the Ridge Top Restaurant which offered the epitome of home style cooking where all of the entres were under $10!  We returned to the Moorings for a Happy Hour in the Cloutier rig at 4:30.  We are moving inside and starting earlier.
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